The Epiphany

Today is the feast of the Epiphany. If you’re particularly keen on calendars, today is technically the day you can take down your Christmas decorations. If you’re into Italian folklore, it’s the day kids find gifts waiting in their stocking from La Befana. For most people, it’s a nondescript kinda day. Maybe a little cold.

Not a lot of people keep holidays. It’s difficult to, especially when you’re on a work schedule (oh, and when you live in the real world and don’t have time to fantasize about visiting magicians and wandering witches). Maybe when you’re a kid, you can keep track. Or if you’re kind of spiritual. It seems like spiritual people are really good at keeping track of things, like the passing of time. Or how to hold a damn seance correctly. What’s that? You’ve never been? They’re kind of fun. (It was in the backyard of a candle shop in the East Village. Exactly what you’re picturing.)

When I was a lot younger, I realized something to myself that I still hold true. I am the type of person that keeps holidays. I am the type of person that makes holidays. People like me, really star-eyed pointing at birds and plants amazed people like me made holidays, back when it was evidently more obvious that there wasn’t much to do. These people, whoever they were, some spiritual kin who saw (a) worth in the way a branch crooked or a bird flew, were the first people to start wearing laurels at the temples. And they remembered, at every deed done.

Nowadays, with technology ever granting our work speed, we don’t have time to look back on the past. Why should we? The past has our failures. Our past successes are old news. We’re constantly moving. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. But we, I contest, seem to be a little forgetful. Last night we celebrated the Eve with a broken plate and my mother taking down the Christmas ornaments by herself. Charming.

I think we should always be looking for ways to enrich our lives. Little holidays (holy days) give us the chance to remember.

If you just think about it, isn’t it wonderful to find out: today is a holiday! Let’s celebrate!


Today is a special day!

When we are constantly living in the now and actual, things like this help us remember how old the world is and how – strangely – there exists so much newness in the past. Let’s explore.

It’s as simple as looking at a page of paper. The hard part (coming up with something) has already been done for us. It’s almost like when you stand around in an improv group and someone’s floundering to come up with what you should act. The theme has already been thought out by the million occasions of people and experiences that is the world’s mind. It’s been written down. Today’s your theme.

Let’s give these things to ourselves. Let’s remember on our way to work. How can we weave this idea into our lives? What can we create? It’s a silly idea, but maybe it will spark something new in someone.

To whomever reads this: I wish you a good day!

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