Deeming Process

To weigh, or more politely, to consider (you know, those shiny, glassy doorknobs on the doors that have been painted over twice and thickly): fondling the bulbs, you think about what might be the best option, or, better yet, choice.

Your back scrunches after a while of reading online reviews that alarm you: sales opportunities from baleful companies. The prospect of a shiny office allures you enough: then you think, the impending pressure of cold calling, browbeating bosses and daylong desk work closes in on you like a descending ceiling. Your body anticipates it: that’s why your back contracts.

I know it’s not important; not important to make a wad of cash out of a paper paycheck, to make enough dough to eat out with friends. The elusive state of health and frith has been repealed by policy. You’re on your own to nab your meal without your kith’s accompaniment.

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