On the Dissolution of My Sister’s Marriage and my Estrangement from UChicago

The marriage and the breakup –
“a fixer-upper,” no problem;
The union of poor and wealthy
a good idea, forever in theory
And the brittleness of this bond.
Nearly solvent: unsustainable,
a bad financial circumstance.
Everything is liquid except for the
rock you cannot crawl out from under.
Oh, you had your moment next to the
limelight, the brush with well-being
And for a time, even lived in it:
surrounded by expensive things,
rich mentalities, luxuriated, even
when you were still on guard.
Your head was always in the
clouds, but this time it was for real.
We all had our ivory towers at some point
To play prince or princess in a room just for
show before the stones fall out from under
you and you’re back in the rubble you sprang from.

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